Curtain Cleaning For a Cleaner Living Space

Have you had a look at the dust that appears to have accumulated on your curtains over the past several months? Care instructions for home maintenance in Qatar should be carefully read in order to decide whether or not window coverings like curtains and drapes can be machine washed, or if instead they should be dry cleaned.

When to Dryclean?

Linings and seams may shrink in the wash even if your window coverings are washable. If unsure, dry clean. Dry-clean curtains and drapes with stitched-in pleats, swags, or other complex embellishments that may not wash well.

Special Fabrics

Brush velvet draperies sometimes with a chamois cloth bathed in hot water and wrung out to refresh them without washing or dry-cleaning. Handwash silk curtains in lukewarm or cool water with mild liquid dish detergent. Swirl slowly without twisting.

The sun damages

Sunlight may weaken even the strongest textiles. Wash drapes and draperies on a gentle cycle with cool or lukewarm water and mild detergent. Hang clothes on a clothesline or dry them in a no-heat or sensitive dryer.

Sheer Curtains

Even though sheer curtains don’t look dirty, wash them often since dirt can permanently discolour them. Clean delicate fabrics gently. Only fill half the machine and soak for 5 minutes in cold water. Use a moderate detergent and whitening agent if desired. Turn the dial to rinse to drain the water, then wash gently for 2–3 minutes.

Put the sheer curtains and two terry-cloth towels in a no-heat dryer for 2–3 minutes. Pull into shape and rehang slightly moist. If required, iron the hems on an ironing board close to the window while the curtains or draperies are hanging. Smooth them with a portable steamer or steam iron’s vertical setting.

Regular Curtain Cleaning

After deep cleaning, dust curtains and drapes regularly with your vacuum cleaner’s soft-brush attachment or a soft, long-handled broom with synthetic fibres (they catch dust better than natural fibres). Set your hover to low suction to avoid cloth in the nozzle. Avoid that by placing a stiff plastic screen between the nozzle and the fabric or securing an old nylon stocking with a rubber band.

If you can easily remove and rehang draperies and drapes, air them outdoors on a clothesline or in a no-heat or sensitive dryer.

Step-by-Step Curtain Care
  • Before washing curtains, measure them in case you need to extend them. Remove hooks, and weights, and loosen tapes to lay flat.
  • Dust curtains using a no-heat drier before cleaning. Or shake them, lay them on a bed and hoover brush them.
  • Curtains weigh more when wet, so don’t overload the washer.
  • Hand-wash fabrics gently without rubbing or wringing.
  • You can dry drapes on two parallel lines to avoid wet surfaces touching. Do not let drapes sit on wood, which can discolour.
  • Iron the hidden side vertically while damp. If parts of the curtain have dried, dampen it again to avoid watermarks.
  • To avoid puckering, gently stretch seams when ironing, then pull curtains to the right size on a clean surface like a bed.
  • Add hooks, weights, and tape to fix the width once the curtains dry.
  • Hanging your curtains and smoothing them with a handheld steamer or vertical steam iron may save a step.
  • Clean wall-mounted valances before rehanging curtains. Vacuum upholstered and wooden valances with the upholstery attachment and crevice tool and clean plastic valances with a sponge dipped in liquid detergent and water.
  • Rehanging is easiest when one person stands on a ladder to insert hooks and another stands below to prevent curtains from dragging.

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