Understanding the Risks: Common Contaminants in Untreated Water Tanks

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If you could hold a microscope to observe the water you drink and bathe every day, you would be appalled at the amount of contaminants in it. The common culprits lurking in untreated water tanks can be devastating, especially since you need water for practically everything in life. Perhaps, if you could understand the contaminants better, it would help you use only treated water the next time you need to cook food for your family.

Water tank cleaning Qatar services can help you keep your water tanks clean and hygienic throughout the year. They use high-quality cleaning materials that are both sustainable and eco-friendly so once they clean your tank, you can put in fresh water and start using it.

Water tank cleaning Qatar services can remove the following contaminants from your tank

 Microbiological Contaminants like:

  • Bacteria: Lead to gastrointestinal illnesses, including stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.
  • Protozoa: Lead to intestinal distress, with symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, and fatigue.
  • Viruses: When water is contaminated with fecal matter.

Chemical Contaminants like:

  • Leached Chemicals: With time, tank material can get leached onto the water. These materials include metals like lead, plastics, or disease-causing byproducts from decaying organic matter.
  • Herbicides and Pesticides: If you have agricultural lands nearby, it can cause herbicides and pesticides to mix with untreated water tanks.
  • Industrial Pollutants: Airborne pollutants can contaminate the water, especially when you live near an industrial area.

Natural Contaminants:

  • Minerals: There are naturally occurring minerals like arsenic, iron, or manganese that might infest untreated water. In the long run, and with long-term usage, it can cause health problems.
  • Nitrates:  Decomposing organic matter often has high nitrate levels. This can lead to a serious condition called methemoglobinemia (blue baby syndrome) for infants and very young kids.

Take the following actions to keep your water tank from becoming contaminated

Prevent Unauthorized Access to the Tank

One way would be to put up security cameras, trespassing signs, and lighting in the areas where you have the tank. You can also put in a locked, walled area surrounding the tank.

Regular maintenance

Check for wear and tear and damage of pipes and the tank itself, on a regular basis. You can hire maintenance experts to inspect the pipes and tank. This will ensure that the tank is kept clean and well-maintained, with issues like stagnation and sedimentation avoided.

Prevent stagnation and stratification

 Use a mixing system or an over-the-top fill to avoid stagnation. Also, check the mixing efficiency of the tank regularly

 Prevent Animal Access

Animal feces is an issue. Make sure your pets and other animals and birds have no access to the water tanks. Also, check the tank frequently for nests or droppings.

High-quality tanks to prevent Chemical Contamination:

Buy high-quality tanks that can withstand chemical contamination from pesticides, other chemicals, and agricultural runoff.


Water tank cleaning Qatar services can give you superior quality water, suitable for daily use. Enlist their services on a regular basis to prevent illnesses and diseases from wreaking havoc in your family.

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